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Our Background

We are Americans who promote eliminating prejudice and discrimination in the court systems.

We are mothers, fathers, family and friends of those who are tribal community members.  We are Americans who value equality.


Our top issues

We strive to achieve equality in tribal courts. Most tribal courts have sole discretion on outcomes in regard to members of their community. We respect the order of this. Our issue is the clear and present inequality that result in prejudicial and discriminatory practices in the tribal court system. These present day practices leave spouses, parents and children of the courts deeply distressed. At times, reservation lands are very closely integrated with neighboring communities. The standard of which the upbringings of children affect the community of the reservation, neighboring communities and our society.    


Our involvement

We are a start up nonprofit organization seeking to gather case studies for future publication of tribal court discriminatory practices. Our efforts are to widen the public eye of these issues. We oppose components of the tribal court systems formulated to divide and conquer non-tribal members, in many cases overlooking what's in the best interest for children involved. We wish to empower tribal court to create equality, fairness and integrity with in their court system. We offer support to those distressed with this legal process. We hope to unify, provide resources and support groups during a very difficult time for families engaged with these shared issues.   

Equal Protection Of Indian Children

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Americans for Tribal Court Equality

PO Box 894 Prior Lake, MN 55372

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